Excluding keyspaces and column families from data collection 

By default, OpsCenter does not collect performance data for its own keyspace or the Cassandra system keyspace. You can manually add any other keyspaces or column families that you do not want to monitor in the [cassandra_metrics] section of the configuration file.

For example, to prevent data collection for the keyspace test as well as the column family Keyspace1.Standard1, uncomment and edit the following values in the OpsCenter cluster configuration file (cluster_name.conf):

[cassandra_metrics ] 
ignored_keyspaces = system, OpsCenter, test 
ignored_column_families = Keyspace1.Standard1
Column families are specified in the format:


The location of the cluster_name.conf file depends on the type of installation:

  • Package installations: /etc/opscenter/clusters/cluster_name.conf
  • Tarball installations: install_location/conf/clusters/cluster_name.conf
  • Windows installations: Program Files (x86)\DataStax Community\opscenter\conf\clusters\cluster_name.conf