Default file locations for Installer-No Services and tarball installations 

Locations when installing from the DataStax All-in-One Installer with No Services selected or tarball installations.

The default location of the files depend on how DataStax Enterprise is installed. The DataStax All-in-One Installer installs files differently depending on whether Services or No Services option is selected during installation. When Services is selected, the files are located in the same locations as package installations. When No Services are selected, the files are located in the same locations as the tarball installations.

Note: The default install_location depends whether you installed using the DataStax All-in-One Installer or from the binary tarball:

Directories for cassanda.yaml and dse.yaml 

Directories Description
install_location/resources/cassandra/conf cassanda.yaml is the main configuration file for Cassandra.
install_location/resources/dse/conf dse.yaml is the main configuration file for DataStax Enterprise.

BYOH directories 

Directories Description
install_location/bin is the BYOH configuration file to:
  • Set up the DataStax Enterprise environment
  • Define the BYOH environment variables
install_location/resources/byoh/conf BYOH configuration

Cassandra directories 

Directories Description
install_location/resources/cassandra/bin Cassandra commands and utilities, such as nodetool, cqlsh, sstablekeys, and sstableloader
install_location/resources/cassandra/conf Cassandra configuration

DSE Hadoop directories 

Directories Description
install_location/resources/hadoop/conf Hadoop configuration
install_location/demos/portfolio_manager Hadoop Portfolio Manager demo

Hive directories 

Directories Description
install_location/resources/hive/conf Hive configuration

Mahout directories 

Directories Description
install_location/resources/mahout/conf Mahout properties
install_location/demos/mahout Mahout demo

Pig directories 

Directories Description
install_location/resources/pig/conf Pig configuration
install_location/demos/pig Pig demo

Solr directories 

Directories Description
install_location/resources/solr/conf Solr configuration
install_location/resources/dse/lib Solr driver
install_location/demos/wikipedia Search - Wikipedia demo

Spark directories 

Directories Description
install_location/resources/spark/conf is the Spark configuration file
install_location/resources/spark/work Spark work directory
install_location/resources/spark/logs Spark Master and Worker logs
install_location/demos/spark Spark Portfolio Manager demo

Shark directories 

Directories Description
install_location/resources/shark is the Shark configuration file

Sqoop directories 

Directories Description
install_location/resources/sqoop/conf Sqoop configuration
install_location/demos/sqoop Sqoop demo

Logback-appender directories 

Directories Description
install_location/resources logback.xml is the logback configuration file

Tomcat server logs for DSE Search

Directories Description
/var/log/tomcat Default log location. You can change the location of the Tomcat server logs for DSE Search.

OpsCenter directories 

Directories Description
install_location/opscenter/agent Agent installation
install_location/opscenter/bin Startup and configuration
install_location/opscenter/content Web application
install_location/opscenter/conf Configuration
install_location/opscenter/doc License
install_location/opscenter/lib and /src Library
install_location/opscenter/log OpsCenter log
install_location/opscenter/ssl SSL files for OpsCenter to agent communications

DataStax Agent directories 

Directories Description
install_location/datastax-agent/ssl SSL certificates for encrypted agent and dashboard communications