Unsupported features for DSE Search 

Unsupported Cassandra and Solr features for DSE Search.

Unsupported features for DSE Search include Cassandra and Solr features. CQL-based Solr cores require a new type mapping version 2. A CQL table must be created in Cassandra before creating the Solr core. The schema corresponding to a CQL table using a compound primary key requires a special syntax.


Apache Solr and Lucene limitations apply to DSE Search. For example, the 2 billion records per node limitation as described in Lucene limitations.

Limitations and known Apache Solr issues apply to DSE Search queries. For example, incorrect SORT results for tokenized text fields.

Unsupported Cassandra features

Unsupported Solr features

  • DSE Search does not support Solr Managed Resources.
  • Solr schema fields that are both dynamic and multivalued for CQL-based Solr cores (only)
  • The deprecated replaceFields request parameters on document updates for CQL-based Solr cores. Use the suggested procedure for inserting/updating data.
  • Block joins based on the Lucene BlockJoinQuery in Solr indexes and CQL tables
  • Schemaless mode
  • Partial schema updates through the REST API after Solr resources are uploaded. For example, to update individual fields of a schema using the REST API to add a new field to a schema, you must change the schema.xml file, upload it again to Solr, and reload the core (same for copy fields).
  • org.apache.solr.spelling.IndexBasedSpellChecker and org.apache.solr.spelling.FileBasedSpellChecker (org.apache.solr.spelling.DirectSolrSpellChecker is supported for spell checking)
  • The commitWithin parameter
  • The SolrCloud CloudSolrServer feature of SolrJ for endpoint discovery and round-robin load balancing
  • The DSE Search configurable global filter SolrFilterCache does not support auto-warming.
Other unsupported features
  • Dynamic fields of the Solr type LatLongTypeSolr are not supported.
  • DSE Search does not support JBOD mode.
  • The commit log replaces the Solr updatelog. The Solr updatelog is not supported in DSE Search. Consequently, features that require the updateLog are not supported. Instead of using atomic updates, partial document updates are available by running the update with CQL.