Configuring re-indexing 

Change the size of the RAM buffer and increase the soft commit time in the solrconfig.xml file to tune the performance of re-indexing and index building.

When running the RELOAD command using the reindex or deleteAll options, a long delay might indicate that tuning is needed. Tune the performance of re-indexing and index rebuilding by making a few changes in the solrconfig.xml file.


  1. Increase the size of the RAM buffer, which is set to 512 MB by default. For example, increase to 2000.
    . . .
  2. Increase the soft commit time, which is set to 1000 ms by default, to a larger value. For example, increase the time to 15-16 minutes:
    A disadvantage of changing the autoSoftCommit attribute is that newly updated rows take longer than usual (1000 ms) to appear in search results.
    Note: A higher value for autoSoftCommit, such as 10000, is suitable when live indexing is not enabled. DataStax recommends using the default value when live indexing is enabled.