Installing a DataStax Enterprise cluster on Amazon EC2

Installing a DataStax Enterprise cluster on Amazon EC2.

The DataStax Enterprise AMI is available only for DataStax Enterprise 4.8 and earlier. To install using the DataStax AMI, use the instructions in DataStax Enterprise 4.8. These instructions include information on installing earlier versions.

Note: This project is currently in a maintenance mode until December 2016. During this timeframe, DataStax will no longer provide updates for DataStax ComboAMI. After this date, DataStax will stop hosting the central service and delete this repository. For more information, see the readme for this project.
You can use the Lifecycle Manager in OpsCenter to easily provision a DataStax Enterprise cluster for versions 4.7 and later:
  1. Create your instances using an AMI from a trusted source.
  2. Use the Lifecycle Manager to provision and configure your cluster.