Extract Kafka record header values

Extract values from Kafka record header and write to the database table.

In the Kafka topic mapping, you can extract values from the record's header by using header.header-field-name, and write the values to a supported database table:
  • DataStax Astra cloud databases
  • DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 4.7 and later databases
  • Open source Apache Cassandra® 2.1 and later databases
For example:
topic.my_topic.my_keyspace.my_table.mapping=col1=key.f1, col2=value.f1, __ttl=value.f2, __timestamp=value.f3, 

You cannot map the entire header. Use one or more individual mapping statements to extract the desired values and have them written to the database table. The Kafka record's header can have fields that are similar to key.field-name or value.field-name.

For example, you may want to send the Kafka record with its key, value, and custom header information such as trace_id or another type of internal identifier, and save those values in your database table.