Extract Kafka record header values

Extract values from Kafka record header and write to DSE/DDAC table.

In the Kafka topic mapping, you can extract values from the record's header by using header.header-field-name, and write the values to a DataStax Enterprise (DSE) or DataStax Distribution of Apache Cassandra™ (DDAC) database table.

For example:
topic.my_topic.my_keyspace.my_table.mapping=col1=key.f1, col2=value.f1, __ttl=value.f2, __timestamp=value.f3, 

You cannot map the entire header. Use one or more individual mapping statements to extract the desired values and have them written to the DSE/DDAC table. The Kafka record's header can have fields that are similar to key.field-name or value.field-name.

For example, you may want to send the Kafka record with its key, value, and custom header information such as trace_id or another type of internal identifier,and save those values in your DSE/DDAC table.