nodetool help




nodetool [connection_options] help 
1. 凡例
構文規則 説明
大文字 リテラル・キーワード。
小文字 リテラル以外。
Italics 変数値。有効なオプションまたはユーザー定義値と置き換えます。
[ ] 任意。角かっこ( [] )で任意のコマンド引数を囲みます。角かっこは入力しないでください。
( ) グループ。丸かっこ(( ))は、選択肢を含むグループを示します。丸かっこは入力しないでください。
| または。縦棒(|)で代替要素を区切ります。要素のいずれかを入力してください。縦棒は入力しないでください。
... 繰り返し可能。省略記号(...)は、構文要素を必要な回数だけ繰り返すことができることを示します。
'Literal string' 単一引用符( ' )でCQL文内のリテラル文字を囲みます。大文字を維持するには、単一引用符を使用します。
{ key:value } マップ・コレクション。中かっこ( { } )でマップ・コレクションまたはキーと値のペアを囲みます。コロンでキーと値を区切ります。
<datatype1,datatype2> セット、リスト、マップ、またはタプル。山かっこ(< >)で、セット、リスト、マップまたはタプル内のデータ型を囲みます。データ型をカンマで区切ります。
cql_statement; CQL文の終了。セミコロン( ; )ですべてのCQL文を終了します。
[ -- ] コマンドライン・オプションとコマンド引数は、2つのハイフン(--)で区切ります。この構文は、引数がコマンドライン・オプションと間違われる可能性がある場合に役立ちます。
' <schema> ...</schema> ' 検索CQLのみ:単一引用符( ' )でXMLスキーマ宣言全体を囲みます。
@xml_entity='xml_entity_type' 検索CQLのみ:スキーマ・ファイルおよびsolrconfigファイル内のXML要素を上書きする実体とリテラル値を示します。




-h, --host hostname
-p, --port jmx_port
-pw, --password jmxpassword
-pwf, --password-file jmx_password_filepath
-u, --username jmx_username




nodetool help 
The most commonly used nodetool commands are:
    abortrebuild                 Abort a currently running rebuild operation. Currently active streams will finish but no new streams will be started.
    assassinate                  Forcefully remove a dead node without re-replicating any data.  Use as a last resort if you cannot removenode
    bootstrap                    Monitor/manage node's bootstrap process
    cleanup                      Triggers the immediate cleanup of keys no longer belonging to a node. By default, clean all keyspaces
    clearsnapshot                Remove the snapshot with the given name from the given keyspaces. If no snapshotName is specified we will remove all snapshots
    compact                      Force a (major) compaction on one or more tables or user-defined compaction on given SSTables
    compactionhistory            Print history of compaction
    compactionstats              Print statistics on compactions
    decommission                 Decommission the *node I am connecting to*
    describecluster              Print the name, snitch, partitioner and schema version of a cluster
    describering                 Shows the token ranges info of a given keyspace
    disableautocompaction        Disable autocompaction for the given keyspace and table
    disablebackup                Disable incremental backup
    disablebinary                Disable native transport (binary protocol)
    disablegossip                Disable gossip (effectively marking the node down)
    disablehandoff               Disable storing hinted handoffs
    disablehintsfordc            Disable hints for a data center
    drain                        Drain the node (stop accepting writes and flush all tables)
    enableautocompaction         Enable autocompaction for the given keyspace and table
    enablebackup                 Enable incremental backup
    enablebinary                 Reenable native transport (binary protocol)
    enablegossip                 Reenable gossip
    enablehandoff                Reenable future hints storing on the current node
    enablehintsfordc             Enable hints for a data center that was previsouly disabled
    failuredetector              Shows the failure detector information for the cluster
    flush                        Flush one or more tables
    garbagecollect               Remove deleted data from one or more tables
    gcstats                      Print GC Statistics
    getbatchlogreplaythrottle    Print batchlog replay throttle in KB/s. This is reduced proportionally to the number of nodes in the cluster.
    getcompactionthreshold       Print min and max compaction thresholds for a given table
    getcompactionthroughput      Print the MB/s throughput cap for compaction in the system
    getconcurrentcompactors      Get the number of concurrent compactors in the system.
    getconcurrentviewbuilders    Get the number of concurrent view builders in the system
    getendpoints                 Print the end points that owns the key
    getinterdcstreamthroughput   Print the Mb/s throughput cap for inter-datacenter streaming in the system
    getlogginglevels             Get the runtime logging levels
    getmaxhintwindow             Print the max hint window in ms
    getseeds                     Get the currently in use seed node IP list excluding the node IP
    getsstables                  Print the sstable filenames that own the key
    getstreamthroughput          Print the Mb/s throughput cap for streaming in the system
    gettimeout                   Print the timeout of the given type in ms
    gettraceprobability          Print the current trace probability value
    gossipinfo                   Shows the gossip information for the cluster
    handoffwindow                Print current hinted handoff window
    help                         Display help information
    info                         Print node information (uptime, load, ...)
    inmemorystatus               Returns a list of the in-memory tables for this node and the amount of memory each table is using, or information about a single table if the keyspace and columnfamily are given.
    invalidatecountercache       Invalidate the counter cache
    invalidatekeycache           Invalidate the key cache
    invalidaterowcache           Invalidate the row cache
    join                         Join the ring
    listsnapshots                Lists all the snapshots along with the size on disk and true size.
    mark_unrepaired              Mark all SSTables of a table or keyspace as unrepaired. Use when no longer running incremental repair on a table or keyspace.
    move                         Move node on the token ring to a new token
    netstats                     Print network information on provided host (connecting node by default)
    nodesyncservice              Manage the NodeSync service on the connected node
    pausehandoff                 Pause hints delivery process
    proxyhistograms              Print statistic histograms for network operations
    rangekeysample               Shows the sampled keys held across all keyspaces
    rebuild                      Rebuild data by streaming from other nodes (similarly to bootstrap)
    rebuild_index                A full rebuild of native secondary indexes for a given table
    refresh                      Load newly placed SSTables to the system without restart
    refreshsizeestimates         Refresh system.size_estimates
    reloadlocalschema            Reload local node schema from system tables
    reloadseeds                  Reload the seed node list from the seed node provider
    reloadtriggers               Reload trigger classes
    relocatesstables             Relocates sstables to the correct disk
    removenode                   Show status of current node removal, force completion of pending removal or remove provided ID
    repair                       Repair one or more tables
    repair_admin                 list and fail incremental repair sessions
    replaybatchlog               Kick off batchlog replay and wait for finish
    resetlocalschema             Reset node's local schema and resync
    resumehandoff                Resume hints delivery process
    ring                         Print information about the token ring
    scrub                        Scrub (rebuild sstables for) one or more tables
    sequence                     Run multiple nodetool commands from a file, resource or stdin in sequence. Common options (host, port, username, password) are passed to child commands.
    setbatchlogreplaythrottle    Set batchlog replay throttle in KB per second, or 0 to disable throttling. This will be reduced proportionally to the number of nodes in the cluster.
    setcachecapacity             Set global key, row, and counter cache capacities (in MB units)
    setcachekeystosave           Set number of keys saved by each cache for faster post-restart warmup. 0 to disable
    setcompactionthreshold       Set min and max compaction thresholds for a given table
    setcompactionthroughput      Set the MB/s throughput cap for compaction in the system, or 0 to disable throttling
    setconcurrentcompactors      Set number of concurrent compactors in the system.
    setconcurrentviewbuilders    Set the number of concurrent view builders in the system
    sethintedhandoffthrottlekb   Set hinted handoff throttle in kb per second, per delivery thread.
    setinterdcstreamthroughput   Set the Mb/s throughput cap for inter-datacenter streaming in the system, or 0 to disable throttling
    setlogginglevel              Set the log level threshold for a given component or class. Will reset to the initial configuration if called with no parameters.
    setmaxhintwindow             Set the specified max hint window in ms
    setstreamthroughput          Set the Mb/s throughput cap for streaming in the system, or 0 to disable throttling
    settimeout                   Set the specified timeout in ms, or 0 to disable timeout
    settraceprobability          Sets the probability for tracing any given request to value. 0 disables, 1 enables for all requests, 0 is the default
    sjk                          Run commands of 'Swiss Java Knife'. Run 'nodetool sjk --help' for more information.
    snapshot                     Take a snapshot of specified keyspaces or a snapshot of the specified table
    status                       Print cluster information (state, load, IDs, ...)
    statusautocompaction         status of autocompaction of the given keyspace and table
    statusbackup                 Status of incremental backup
    statusbinary                 Status of native transport (binary protocol)
    statusgossip                 Status of gossip
    statushandoff                Status of storing future hints on the current node
    stop                         Stop compaction
    stopdaemon                   Stop DSE daemon
    tablehistograms              Print statistic histograms for a given table
    tablestats                   Print statistics on tables
    toppartitions                Sample and print the most active partitions for a given column family
    tpstats                      Print usage statistics of thread pools
    truncatehints                Truncate all hints on the local node, or truncate hints for the endpoint(s) specified.
    upgradesstables              Rewrite sstables (for the requested tables) that are not on the current version (thus upgrading them to said current version)
    verify                       Verify (check data checksum for) one or more tables
    version                      Print DSE DB version
    viewbuildstatus              Show progress of a materialized view build

nodetool netstatsの構文と短い説明を取得します

nodetool help netstats
                nodetool netstats - Print network information on provided host
                (connecting node by default)
                nodetool [(-h <host> | --host <host>)] [(-p <port> | --port <port>)]
                [(-pw <password> | --password <password>)]
                [(-u <username> | --username <username>)] netstats
                -h <host>, --host <host>
                Node hostname or ip address
                -p <port>, --port <port>
                Remote jmx agent port number
                -pw <password>, --password <password>
                Remote jmx agent password
                -u <username>, --username <username>
                Remote jmx agent username