Date column

Write values using the current day/time or a string format into a date column.

Commands in this section use the Setting up the Cycling keyspace and cyclist_alt_stats table and data.

String format


date string format:


Where the elements of a date are separated with a hyphen:

  • yyyy: four-digit year

  • mm: two-digit month

  • dd: two-digit day

For example, May 5, 2017:


Getting the current day

Use toDate(now()) to insert the current day into a date field.

  • To INSERT dates:

    • Current date (today) for last_race values.

INSERT INTO cycling.cyclist_alt_stats (
  • String format (yyyy-mm-dd) for first_race value.

INSERT INTO cycling.cyclist_alt_stats (
  • To UPDATE a date field:

    • Current date (today) for last_race.

UPDATE cycling.cyclist_alt_stats
SET last_race = toDate(now())
WHERE id = ed584e99-80f7-4b13-9a90-9dc5571e6821;
  • Use formatted string (yyyy-mm-dd) for birthday.

UPDATE cycling.cyclist_alt_stats
SET birthday = '1987-03-07'
WHERE id = ed584e99-80f7-4b13-9a90-9dc5571e6821;

Select the date columns from the table.

SELECT first_race, last_race, birthday
FROM cycling.cyclist_alt_stats
WHERE id = ed584e99-80f7-4b13-9a90-9dc5571e6821;
 first_race | last_race  | birthday
 2006-03-15 | 2019-11-05 |     null

(1 rows)

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