About the DataStax Apache Pulsar™ Connector

DataStax Apache Pulsar™ Connector is open-source software (OSS) installed in the Pulsar IO framework, and synchronizes records from a Pulsar topic with table rows in DataStax Enterprise (DSE) and Cassandra databases.

Key Features

  • Flexibility in mapping Apache Pulsar™ messages to DSE and Cassandra tables.

  • Enterprise grade security support including built-in SSL, and LDAP integration.

  • Consumes all Apache Pulsar™ primitives including primitives, JSON and Avro formats.

  • Flexible time/date formatting.

  • Configurable consistency level.

  • Row-level Time-to-Live (TTL).

  • Distributed mode, high availability (HA) support.

  • Standalone mode support for development.

Supported databases

  • DataStax Astra cloud databases

  • DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 4.7 and later databases

  • Open source Apache Cassandra® 2.1 and later databases

Supported Pulsar data structures

Ingest data from Pulsar topics with records in the following data structures:

  • Primitive string values

  • Complex field values in record types:

    • Avro

    • JSON formatted string with JSON schema

    • JSON formatted string inside a schemaless topic

Getting started

Advanced message mapping topics

If you’re already familiar with Apache Pulsar™ and DSE/Astra/Cassandra® see the following advanced message mapping topics:

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