Data parsing fails

When the data from an Apache Pulsar™ field is not compatible with the data type of the target supported database table column, the data conversion fails and a message is logged in the Pulsar Connect log.

Example error message when parsing a string value for a numeric column:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Could not parse 'jack'; accepted formats are: a valid
          number (e.g. '1234.56'), a valid Java numeric format (e.g. '-123.45e6'), a valid date-time
          pattern (e.g. '2018-10-17T18:37:52.704Z'), or a valid boolean word


Ensure that the Pulsar fields are mapped to the correct database columns. The connector can not automatically convert varying types. If they do not match, consider changing your table schema to accommodate the Pulsar field types.

When adding or changing columns in a database table, ensure that the schema is fully propagated before continuing. Use nodetool describering to show the schema version.

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