Introduction to data migration

Enterprises today want to reliably migrate mission-critical client applications and data to cloud environments with zero downtime or near zero downtime during the migration.

DataStax has developed a set of thoroughly tested self-service tools to walk you through well-defined migration options. These tools provide features that help you migrate your data from any Cassandra origin (Apache Cassandra®, DataStax Enterprise (DSE), DataStax Astra DB) to any Cassandra target (Apache Cassandra®, DSE, DataStax Astra DB).

Migration process and tools

A migration is a workflow that encompasses the lifecycle of uploading and importing your data to the selected databases. DataStax can migrate all data, however critical, with acceptable or zero downtime. When the migration is complete, the data is present in the new database and all client applications connect exclusively to the new database. The old database becomes obsolete and can be removed.

The migration tools are:

  • Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) Proxy: You can continue to run your current application and migrate data from the Origin to the Target database without any downtime. The proxy helps to manage the activity in transition.

  • Cassandra Data Migrator: It can be used in conjunction with the ZDM Proxy for a migration with zero downtime. It can also be used on its own for migrations with acceptable downtime.

  • DSBulk Loader: In addition to loading and unloading CSV and JSON data, DSBulk can transfer data between databases. It can read data from a table from your origin database and write it to a table in your target database. It can be used as an alternative to Cassandra Data Migrator (CDM).

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