What is DataStax Astra Streaming?

Astra Streaming is a cloud native data streaming and event stream processing service tightly integrated into the Astra Portal and powered by Apache Pulsarâ„¢. Using Astra Streaming, customers can quickly create Pulsar instances, manage their clusters, scale across cloud regions, and manage Pulsar resources such as topics, connectors, functions and subscriptions.

Astra Streaming takes advantage of the core capabilities built into Astra such as SSO, IAM and billing. Existing Astra customers can augment their existing database capabilities with pub/sub and streaming to address a wider range of use cases right away.

With Astra Streaming, customers now have powerful capabilities to help drive key business and technical outcomes including:

Real Time Processing

Legacy batch processing jobs result in stale data that can slow down an entire business. With Astra Streaming, customers can capture event data and data changes in real-time, process that data and take action to create a more responsive, nimble organization.

Data Science & Machine Learning

Today, every business is a data business. Astra Streaming allows event data to be stored as a persistent event log which can be retained indefinitely and played back to refine ML data models or offloaded to a data lake or other storage for further analysis in the future.

Modernized Event Driven Architectures

Astra Streaming provides a unified messaging platform that addresses streaming, pub/sub and queuing use cases with low latency and at massive scale. Organizations that are struggling to make their legacy messaging technologies keep up will find Astra Streaming to be a frictionless path to modernization.

Faster Access to Data

No one has patience for slow loading web pages or mobile apps. By combining Astra Streaming with Astra DB, customers can create read-optimized views of data that can be quickly read from Astra DB and ensure that data is always up to date by leveraging the event stream processing capabilities of Astra Streaming.

Astra Streaming limits

For details about about the Astra Streaming limits, see Astra Streaming Limits.

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