External Prometheus and Grafana Integration

This article is a continuation of Monitoring Streaming Tenants. Please read that article first to understand the fundamentals of what resources are being used.

Astra Streaming exposes some of the Pulsar metrics through Prometheus endpoints. The Prometheus configuration information to scrape Astra Streaming metrics into an external Prometheus server is found in the Astra streaming UI. This document will show you how to set up a Prometheus server in a Kubernetes cluster and configure it to scrape Astra streaming metrics.


  • A Kubernetes cluster.

Configure and deploy Prometheus

In this example, we use the Prometheus Community Kubernetes Helm Charts↗ to set up a Prometheus server and a Grafana server in a K8s cluster.

  1. Create a configuration yaml file (e.g. astra-msgenrich.yml) using the Astra Streaming Prometheus configuration from the UI. For more on downloading the Prometheus configuration from the Astra Streaming UI, see Scrape metrics from Astra Streaming.

    - job_name: 'astra-pulsar-metrics-msgenrich'
       scheme: 'https'
       metrics_path: '/pulsarmetrics/msgenrich'
          credentials: <jwt_token_value>
       - targets: ['prometheus-gcp-uscentral1.streaming.datastax.com']

    DO NOT add other Prometheus configurations like scrape_interval or evaluation_interval yet. They will be added in later steps when configuring the Helm chart.

  2. Create a K8s secret named astra-msgenrich with the above configuration file and apply it.

    kubectl create secret generic astra-msgenrich \
      --from-file=astra-msgenrich.yml \
      --dry-run=client -oyaml > k8s-additional-scrape-config-msgenrich.yaml
    kubectl apply -f k8s-additional-scrape-config-msgenrich.yaml
  3. Create a customized values file (e.g. custom-values.yaml) for the Prometheus Community Kubernetes Helm chart. Pay close attention to the 'additionalScrapeConfigsSecret' section and ensure that the name and key match the K8s secret name and file name in the previous 2 steps.

          scrapeInterval: 60s
          evaluationInterval: 15s
             enabled: true
             name: astra-msgenrich
             key: astra-msgenrich.yml
  4. Deploy the Helm chart.

    helm repo add prometheus-community https://prometheus-community.github.io/helm-charts
    helm upgrade --install kubeprom -f custom-values.yaml prometheus-community/kube-prometheus-stack


For Mac users (e.g. using docker-desktop as the underlying K8s cluster), run the following commands to ensure the deployment is successful. Otherwise, there might be issues to bring up the Prometheus node exporter daemon set.

# Patch Prometheus node exporter daemon set
kubectl patch ds kubeprom-prometheus-node-exporter --type "json" -p '[{"op": "remove", "path" : "/spec/template/spec/containers/0/volumeMounts/2/mountPropagation"}]'

# Confirm Prometheus node exporter daemonset is running properly
kubectl rollout status daemonset \
  kubeprom-prometheus-node-exporter \
  --timeout 60s

Verify the integration

The Astra Streaming metrics should now be integrated with an external Prometheus server. Double check by visiting the external Prometheus server UI.

The status of the additional scrape job 'astra-pulsar-metrics-msgenrich' should be in the UP state. If not, there are issues in the previous configuration procedures.

scrape status

401 Unauthorized Issue

One common issue that we see when integrating Astra Streaming metrics into an external Prometheus server is the additional scrape job returning a 401 Unauthorized error. This is most likely because the JWT token we used in the previous steps has expired.

To fix this issue, go to the Astra Portal and create a new JWT token (preferably with no expiration date). Get the new token value and repeat the above procedure. For more, see Manage Tokens.

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