Mission Control

Mission Control is the next generation operations platform for DataStax products. It simplifies management of all DataStax Enterprise (DSE) operations across an array of hosting options from the cloud to on-premises and everything in-between. Manage DSE environments on bare-metal or virtual machines (VMs). Powered by the advanced automation running DataStax Astra, Mission Control provides 24/7 automated operations of DSE clusters, datacenters, and nodes.

Mission Control focuses on the lifecycle management, security, operations, and observability of DataStax Enterprise (DSE) and Apache Cassandra® clusters. Mission Control handles the orchestration of automation across regional cluster boundaries. This centralizes management of globally deployed clusters in a single location.

Get started

Migrate a DSE cluster

Migrate an existing DSE cluster to an environment running Mission Control with zero down time.

Migrate a DSE cluster to Mission Control


Topics range from authentication and connecting to encryption.

Advanced cluster operations

Perform a variety of operations on DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 6.8.26+ clusters and datacenters, such as:


Mission Control monitors and logs activity in clusters, nodes, and datacenters.

Observe metrics, logs, and monitoring alerts.

Release notes

Release notes

Mission Control Support

Generate a support bundle from Mission Control and contact your account team.

Troubleshooting Mission Control.

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