Secure your system

Mission Control enables authentication and authorization by default. The user interface, as well as communication between Mission Control’s operators and nodes is encrypted with mutual Transport Layer Security (TLS).

For configuration details, see:

Secure the Mission Control UI

Secure the Mission Control User Interface (UI) and its REST API through an Identity-provider connector. Mission Control allows configuring authentication through OpenLDAP or OpenID connectors:

Additionally, Mission Control allows you to define a single admin user during the configuration step of Mission Control installation.

Secure DSE and Apache Cassandra® clusters

Manage authentication and credentials

Mission Control creates K8ssandra clusters. Mission Control enables authentication and authorization by default.

Rotate Superuser Credentials

The superuser credentials can be rotated by updating the corresponding secret directly. Mission Control detects the change and updates the credentials in the DSE or Cassandra cluster.

Data encryption

Optionally, it is possible to increase encryption of data stored within DSE or Apache Cassandra® by simply enabling or disabling configuration settings. Choose one of the following methods:

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