Configure Data Plane updates

As lifecycle changes occur and clusters and datacenters are created and terminated, adjust the Data Plane installation accordingly. Whenever a cluster is installed in Data Plane Mode, it needs to be configured to communicate with an independent cluster installed as the Control Plane.


  1. Download the script that contains:

    1. kubectl

    2. yq


  • The user can access all 3 clusters with kubectl.

  • The default kubeconfig located at ~/.kube/config provides access to all 3 clusters.

  • Mission Control is installed in each of the 3 clusters in the mission-control namespace.

Configure Data-Plane updates

In this example there are three (3) Kubernetes clusters named control, east, and west. Configure the Control Plane cluster to give it access to the east and west clusters.

  1. Configure access for the east cluster by running the following script: --namespace mission-control --src-context east  --dest-context control --output-dir east-clientconfig

    Description of the options follows:

    --namespace specifies the namespace in which the ClientConfig and kubeconfig secret should be created.

    --src-context specifies the Data Plane cluster. It is the source cluster from which to obtain credentials that get stored in a secret and referenced by the generated ClientConfig.

    --dest-context specifies the Control Plane cluster. It is the cluster into which the kubeconfig secret and ClientConfig should be created.

    --output-dir specifies the directory in which to store generated manifests for the kubeconfig secret and ClientConfig. If not specified a temp directory is used.

    Sample results
    Creating clientconfigs/kubeconfig
    Creating secret east-config
    Error from server (NotFound): secrets "east-config" not found
    secret/east-config created
    Creating ClientConfig clientconfigs/east.yaml created

    The error message can be ignored.

    The east-clientconfig directory contains two files - east.yaml and kubeconfig.

    kubeconfig is a kubeconfig file whose contents vary based on the Kubernetes distribution or cloud provider that you are using.

    east.yaml should look like this:

    kind: ClientConfig
      name: east
      contextName: east
        name: east-config

    In the Control Plane cluster look for a kind: ClientConfig named east and a secret named east-config in the mission-control namespace.

  2. Repeat step 1 for the west cluster.

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