Intro to DataStax Langflow

DataStax Langflow provides a powerful visual framework that enables developers to build GenAI applications using any vector database, embedding model, or LLM supported by Langflow.

Construct flows from Langchain components, wire them together, and run them in the Canvas.

Chat with your flow in the Playground to see how it responds, and what inputs and outputs are being generated.

DataStax Langflow supports Astra DB components for secure, scalable data storage and retrieval, and uses the RAGStack library to keep Langchain components stable and pinned to a specific version.

To get started, see the Quickstart for DataStax Langflow, or read on for an overview of the features and capabilities of DataStax Langflow.


The Canvas is where you build your flows. Drag components from the sidebar onto the canvas, and wire them together to create a flow.


Components are the building blocks of flows. They can be anything from a simple text input to an LLM embeddings model. Any component that can be used in a Langchain flow can be used to build in Langflow.


Test your flow by chatting with it in the Playground. Type a message into the input box, and see how your flow responds. The Playground displays the inputs and outputs generated by your flow.

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