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Find the details you need to create scalable, reliable databases & streaming solutions. Explore Astra DB serverless vector databases for Generative AI workloads, Astra Streaming, and on-prem DataStax Enterprise (DSE) with our developer guides, tutorials, and API references.

Getting started with the tech stack for real-time AI

Create a serverless vector database in minutes with Astra DB

DataStax Astra DB is a serverless vector database that's perfect for managing mission-critical AI workloads. It's built on Apache Cassandra®, making Astra DB a highly scalable, reliable database technology. It's a powerful all-in-one data storage solution, ideal for Generative AI projects.

Astra Streaming

Quickly create Apache Pulsar™ instances, scale across cloud regions, and manage resources. Watch this video and read our docs to learn more.


Stargate is an open-source data API gateway that sits between your app and your databases, bringing an API platform and data request coordination code into one OSS project. Watch this video and read our docs to learn more.


K8ssandra is an open-source project enabling you to quickly deploy and manage Cassandra databases in Kubernetes.

Watch this video and read our docs to learn more.

DataStax Luna

Luna is a subscription to DataStax Support and expertise for your open-source, real-time data deployments.

Common tasks with AI-ready cloud databases

Loading data into Astra DB databases

Use the Astra DB Data Loader to load data in your database from a variety of sources, including CSV files, sample datasets, and Amazon DynamoDB. Watch this video and read our docs to learn more.

Also see the DSBulk Loader documentation.

Programmatically manage Astra resources via DevOps API

The DevOps API lets you programmatically manage your Astra resources including users, roles, metrics, keys, & private endpoints. Watch this video and read our docs to learn more.

Enhance Astra DB by integrating with additional tools

Astra DB includes integrations with LangChain and LlamaIndex.

Connect your clients to Astra DB data

Read the connection methods comparison to learn how to connect to your database.

Configure SSO access to Astra DB console

SSO via any SAML-compatible identity provider gives you a seamless sign-on experience with your secure company credentials. Read our docs to learn more.

Mission Control: Operational management for databases

Mission Control

Mission Control offers a single interface for operational management of the DataStax product suite and affiliated open-source projects wherever they are deployed. Read our docs to learn more.

Interested in trying out Mission Control? Visit the product page to register and download.

DataStax Enterprise: Foundation for on-premise databases

DataStax Enterprise 6.8 plus related tools

Learn about and use DataStax Enterprise (DSE) 6.8, OpsCenter, and related tools. Based on proven Cassandra functionality plus DataStax support expertise and enhancements. Watch this video and read our docs to learn more.

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