Cassandra Operations Task CassandraTask

This is a public CRD used within Mission Control that is not bound to a release. The CassandraTask manifest is created with a kubectl command and is a YAML file whose name indicates the type of command task to be run. For example:

kubectl apply -f restart-task.yaml

produces a file named restart-task.yaml, and fills in the spec:jobs:command: field with the restart task value.

Mission Control DataStax Mission Control provides a number of CRDs published per release to use with its User Unterface (UI), the Command Line Interfaces (CLI) such as kubectl, and Kubernetes API clients. There are additional CRDs present within a Mission Control installation, but do not directly interface with those without DataStax guidance.

CassandraTask manifest

kind: CassandraTask
  annotations: |
  creationTimestamp: "2022-10-15T21:24:35Z"
  generation: 2
  labels: cass-operator cassandra-demo cass-operator cassandra 6.8.26 demo dc1 completed
  name: restart-dc
  namespace: mission-control
  - apiVersion:
    blockOwnerDeletion: true
    controller: true
    kind: CassandraDatacenter
    name: dc1
    uid: 51561d2f-2d20-4a16-b90c-fe9b0655f1ba
  resourceVersion: "780428"
  uid: 2202880f-16f0-4b83-a5ce-ab3057cd6d70
  concurrencyPolicy: Forbid
    name: dc1
    namespace: mission-control
  - args: {}
    command: restart
    name: restart-dc1
  restartPolicy: Never
  completionTime: "2022-10-15T21:36:54Z"
  - lastTransitionTime: "2022-10-15T21:36:54Z"
    status: "True"
    type: Complete
  startTime: "2022-10-15T21:24:35Z"

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