Try me with Astra Portal

This guide assumes you have completed the Astra Streaming quickstart.

Now, it’s time to produce and consume messages in your new streaming tenant. The following steps will use the "Try Me" feature of the Astra Portal to interact with an existing topic.

Select the producer and consumer topics

Navigate to the "Try Me" tab

Try me tab in Astra Streaming

Choose the appropriate namespace and topic. In this example, the name for both the producer and consumer is the same. Leave the rest of the settings as default.

Config try me in Astra Streaming

Connect and send a message

Click the "Connect" button to open a websocket connection in your browser with this topic.

Type the message "Hi there" in the Send message box and click the "Send" button.

Send message in Astra Streaming

A message will be produced (ie: sent) to your selected topic and the consumer will consume (ie: retrieve) the message.
The result is a chat style write and read.

Test message in Astra Streaming

🎉 Congratulations! You have sent and received your first message.
Now it’s time to take your skills further 🚀.

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