Pass Pulsar Connector settings directly to the DataStax Java driver

In your DataStax Apache Pulsar™ Connector configuration file, you can directly pass settings to the DataStax Java driver by using the datastax-java-driver prefix. For example:


Mapping Pulsar Connector settings to Java driver properties

The following table identifies functionally equivalent DataStax Apache Pulsar Connector and DataStax Java driver settings.

If you define both in your configuration, the Pulsar Connector setting take precedence over the If you do not provide either in your configuration, Pulsar Connector defaults are in effect.

For information about the Java properties, refer to the DataStax Java driver documentation. For information about the Pulsar Connector settings, refer to DataStax connection.

DataStax Apache Pulsar Connector setting Using datastax-java-driver prefix













There is a difference between the Pulsar Connector’s contactPoints setting and the Java driver’s For contactPoints, the value of the port is appended to every host provided by this setting. For, you must provide the fully qualified contact points (host:port).

By passing in the Java driver’s setting, this option gives you more configuration flexibility because you can specify a different port for each host. Example: =,

Conversion of Java driver properties of type List to TypeSafe Config

The following properties that are of type List, which you could pass into the driver from your Pulsar Connector configuration via the datastax-java-driver prefix, are converted by the DataStax Java driver to the TypeSafe Config format.

  • datastax-java-driver.advanced.ssl-engine-factory.cipher-suites

  • datastax-java-driver.advanced.metrics.node.enabled

  • datastax-java-driver.advanced.metadata.schema.refreshed-keyspaces

  • datastax-java-driver.advanced.metrics.session.enabled


The conversion by the Java driver will split the comma-separated values provided in those setting to create indexed properties. For example, if you passed in datastax-java-driver.advanced.metrics.session.enabled=a,b, the entry is converted to:


For more information, refer to the Java driver reference configuration topic.

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