Use integrations

Expand how you interact with your DataStax Astra DB database using these integrations .

Use Liquibase to track Apache Cassandra ad Astra schema changes over time.

50 minutes, Operator Tools
Use Knowi to connect to Astra DB, analyze, and visualize data.

30 minutes, BI/ML Reporting Tools
A very simple way to use Intellij's DataGrip with Astra

5 minutes, Developer Tools
Learn how to use Databricks Community Edition (DCE) (or Azure Databricks) to load data from an CSV file and save it into an Astra table; read data from an Astra table and process it in DCE.

30 minutes, Data Movement
Learn how to use Databricks Spark to load data from a stand-alone Apache Cassandra (C*) cluster into a DataStax Atra database.

50 minutes, Migration
Learn to use NoSQLBench to test loading data to Astra.

20 minutes, Data Movement & Performance
Walk through setting up and using the Astra Service Broker with Kubernetes

30 minutes, Cloud Composition
Using the DataStax Apache Kafka™ Connector to stream records from an Apache Kafka topic to your Astra DB database..

50 minutes, Intermediate