Querying data

Retrieve data sets from a table using SELECT statements.


About SELECT statements

Retrieving data from tables.

Setting consistency levels

Set the consistency level to control the accuracy of the data returned by read request.

Restricting queries using WHERE clauses

Describes restrictions of partition and clustering columns in a WHERE clause.

DSE Search index enhancements

DataStax Enterprise supports production-grade implementation of CQL Solr queries in DSE Search.

Returning data from collection columns

How to retrieve data from a collection.

Aggregating results

Using the SELECT command to return data and apply standard aggregate functions.

Using user-defined functions (UDF)

Using the SELECT command to return data and applying a UDF.

Returning the write timestamp

Using the WRITETIME function in a SELECT statement to determine when the date/time that the column was written to the database.

Formatting query results as JSON

Use the SELECT command to return JSON data.

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