Managing the job tracker using dsetool commands

Examples for using dsetool commands to identify and manage job tracker nodes.

Several dsetool command are useful for managing job tracker nodes:
  • dsetool jobtracker

    Returns the job tracker hostname and port to your location in the data center where you issued the command.

  • dsetool movejt data center-workload node IP

    Moves the job tracker and notifies the task tracker nodes.

  • dsetool movejt node IP

    If you do not specify the data center name, the command moves the reserve job tracker.

  • dsetool listjt

    Lists all job tracker nodes grouped by their local data center.

  • dsetool ring

    Lists the nodes and types of the nodes in the ring.

More dsetool commands and options are described later.

Listing job trackers example 

If you are not sure which nodes in your DSE cluster are job trackers, run the following command:

  • Packaged installs:
    $ dsetool jobtracker
  • Tarball installs:
    $ install_location/bin/dsetool jobtracker

Moving the job tracker node example 

If your primary job tracker node fails, you can use dsetool movejt to move the job tracker to another analytics node in the cluster. In progress MapReduce jobs fail when you move the job tracker node or when the node goes down.


  1. Log in to a DataStax Enterprise analytics node.
  2. Run the dsetool movejt command and specify the data center name, hyphen, Analytics (for the workload), and the IP address of the new job tracker node in your DataStax Enterprise cluster. For example, to move the job tracker to node in the DC1 data center:
    • Packaged installation:
      $ dsetool movejt DC1-Analytics
    • Tarball installs:
      $ install_location/bin/dsetool movejt DC1-Analytics
  3. Allow 20 seconds for all of the analytics nodes to detect the change and restart their task tracker processes.
  4. In a browser, connect to the new job tracker and confirm that it is up and running. For example (change the IP to reflect your job tracker node IP):
  5. If you are running Hive or Pig MapReduce clients, you must restart them to pick up the new job tracker node information.