Setting the job tracker node

Different ways to set the job tracker node.

There are several ways to set the job tracker node.
  • You can configure the Cassandra seeds list in the cassandra.yaml. From the IP addresses in the seeds list of the cassandra.yaml file, DataStax Enterprise nominates the first analytics node in the list in each data center to be the job tracker when you start the analytics node.
  • You can start up an analytics node using the -j option on a tarball installation. This option designates the node being started as the job tracker node.
    $ install_location/bin/dse cassandra -t -j

    You can also use this method on a packaged installation to designate the job tracker when starting the analytics node as a standalone process instead of a service.

  • You can use the dsetool movejt command.

About the reserve job tracker 

DataStax Enterprise nominates a node in the cluster as a reserve job tracker for a data center. The reserve job tracker becomes the job tracker when, for some reason, there is no local node in the data center that can function as job tracker.