Installing DataStax Enterprise on any Linux-based platform or Mac OS X

Install DataStax Enterprise on any Linux-based platform, including 32-bit platforms.

Use this install method for Mac OS X and platforms without package support, or if you do not have or want a root installation.


Also see Recommended production settings and the DataStax Enterprise Reference Architecture white paper. 

The binary tarball runs as a stand-alone process.


These steps install DataStax Enterprise. After installing, you must configure and start DataStax Enterprise.

In a terminal window:

  1. Check which version of Java is installed:
    $ java -version
    Use the latest version of Oracle Java 7 on all nodes.
  2. Download the tarball from the Download DataStax Enterprise page.

    You will need the DataStax account credentials from your registration.

  3. Unpack the distribution:
    $ tar -xzvf dse-4.0.x.tar.gz

    For production installations, DataStax recommends installing the OpsCenter separate from the cluster. See the OpsCenter documentation.

    Removing the datastax-agent package also removes the DataStax Enterprise package.

  4. When DataStax Enterprise is started, it installs files into the /var/lib/cassandra and /var/log/cassandra directories. If you do not have root access to the default directories, ensure that you have write access:
    $ sudo mkdir -p /var/lib/cassandra; sudo chown -R  $USER: $GROUP /var/lib/cassandra
    $ sudo mkdir -p /var/log/cassandra; sudo chown -R  $USER: $GROUP /var/log/cassandra
  5. Optional: If you do not want to use the default data and logging directories, you can define your own directory locations:
    1. Make the directories for data and logging directories:
      $ mkdir install_location/dse-data
      $ cd dse-data
      $ mkdir commitlog
      $ mkdir saved_caches
    2. Go the directory containing the cassandra.yaml file:
      $ cd install_location/resources/cassandra/conf
    3. Edit the following lines in the cassandra.yaml file:
      data_file_directories: install_location/dse-data
      commitlog_directory: install_location/dse-data/commitlog
      saved_caches_directory: install_location/dse-data/saved_caches


DataStax Enterprise is ready for configuration.

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