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About OpsCenter
DataStax OpsCenter is a visual management and monitoring solution for Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise. OpsCenter provides architects, DBA’s, and operations staff with the capabilities to intelligently and proactively ensure their database clusters are running well and that administration tasks are simplified.
Key features
OpsCenter offers a number of features to help manage both DataStax Enterprise and Apache Cassandra clusters and make your life easier.
New features
Installing OpsCenter
Installing DataStax agents
DataStax agents must be installed on every managed node in a cluster and are necessary to perform most of the functionality within OpsCenter.
OpsCenter and DataStax agent ports
A list of the default port numbers used by OpsCenter and the DataStax Agents:
Installation and configuration locations
Starting, restarting, and stopping OpsCenter
Commands for each type of installation.
Starting and restarting DataStax agents
Commands for each type of installation.
Upgrading OpsCenter
Configuring role-based security
OpsCenter allows you to enable user authentication, add users, and define custom roles.
Configuring SSL
OpsCenter uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to encrypt the communication protocol and authenticate traffic between DataStax agents and the main OpsCenter daemon.
Enabling HTTPS
You can enable or disable Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) support in OpsCenter.
Using Kerberos authentication with OpsCenter
If your cluster uses Kerberos authentication, you need to create and configure the OpsCenter principles before adding the cluster to OpsCenter.
Configuring events and alerts
The OpsCenter Event Log page (in the Activities section) displays a continuously updated list of events and alerts.
Configuring data collection and expiration
OpsCenter collects system and column family metrics data for each node in your cluster.
Configuring OpsCenter definition file updates
Definition files are used by OpsCenter to enable support for different versions of DataStax Enterprise, DataStax Community, and Cassandra. They are updated independently of OpsCenter by downloading new definitions from a central server at regular intervals.
Advanced configuration
To configure advanced capabilities, you can manually modify the configuration files.
Backing up opscenterd's configuration files for failover
This task describes how to manually backup the configuration files of opscenterd in case of a failure of the primary opscenterd instance.
Using custom start/stop scripts for DataStax Enterprise and Cassandra
OpsCenter allows users to start and stop the DataStax Enterprise/Cassandra process on each node in a visual way. The agent will attempt to automatically determine the best way to do this, but cannot not do so in all cases. You can customize the startup or shutdown of a node using the start-cassandra and stop-cassandra scripts located in /usr/share/datastax-agent/bin (package installs) or install_location/bin (tarball installs).
Example scenarios
Examples of OpsCenter deployments.
Using OpsCenter
OpsCenter is a Web application for monitoring and administering all nodes in a Cassandra cluster from one centralized console. It runs on the client-side in a web browser.
The major areas of functionality.
Using OpsCenter authentication
Describes how to login and logout of OpsCenter, and change the user password.
Managing clusters
Node monitoring and administration
In the Cluster section of OpsCenter, you select different views of the nodes comprising your Cassandra cluster and then perform node management.
Cluster administration
OpsCenter manages multiple DataStax Enterprise or Apache Cassandra clusters with a single install of the central opscenterd server.
Performance metrics
In the Dashboard area of OpsCenter, you monitor a number of performance metrics about a cluster. Real-time and historical performance metrics are available at different granularities: cluster-wide, per node, or per column family.
Alert metrics
From the Alerts area of OpsCenter, you can configure alert thresholds for a number of Cassandra cluster-wide, column family, and operating system metrics. This proactive monitoring feature is available for DataStax Enterprise clusters.
Managing DataStax Enterprise Management Services
DSE comes with some enterprise management services which you can configure and run using OpsCenter.
Managing backups and restoring from backups
Using OpsCenter, you can take, schedule, and manage backups across all registered DSE clusters.
Data modeling
This section lists some common problems experienced with OpsCenter and solutions or workarounds.
OpsCenter API reference