Create your Astra DB database

Complete the following steps to create and launch your DataStax Astra DB database.


  1. In your Astra DB dashboard, select Create Database.

  2. If you don’t have an existing plan, select the free plan or a plan with annual savings.

    See Plan options for the benefits of each plan. You can upgrade from a free or pay as you go plan to a committed plan as your needs might change.

    If you need more options than the free or annual plan, contact DataStax Support.
  3. If you are creating a database with annual savings, enter your payment method to continue. If you are creating a free plan, you don’t have to enter a credit card. You can get started for free with your $25 credit. You can enter a payment method later to move to a pay as you go plan if needed.

  4. Enter your basic details:

    • Database Name: Name your database something meaningful. The database name cannot be altered after the database is created. Use only alphanumeric characters; there is no character limit.

    • Keyspace Name: Name your keyspace to reflect your data model. You can’t name your keyspace “dse” or “system”. Use only alphanumeric characters and no more than 48 total characters.

  5. Select your cloud provider and then the region where you want to launch your database from the region menu, which reflects the available regions based on your selected cloud provider.

    You can preview the costs for the database based on read and write requests, storage, and data transfer.
  6. Select Create Database.

  7. You will see a screen highlighting your selected plan. Select Continue.


You are redirected to your Organization Dashboard. The new database and status is shown under Databases. You will receive an email when your database creation is complete. Select the database name to manage or connect with your new database.