Get secure connect bundle

To connect to your Astra DB database using the drivers, download the secure database bundle from the DataStax Astra DB console that contains the connection credentials.


Create your Astra DB database using the Astra DB console.

Getting your secure connect bundle

  1. Open a browser, navigate to Astra DB, and log in.

  1. From your Dashboard page, select your database.

  1. On the Overview page, select Connect.

  1. Select Driver as your Connection Method.

    If you have multiple regions, select the region you want to connect to from the dropdown menu for instructions.

  1. Select Download Secure Connect Bundle.

If you’ve enabled VPC peering, you can also Download External Secure Connect Bundle for use within your VPC peering. The file downloads, which contains the security certificates and credentials for your database.

VPC peering is only available on Classic databases.

Alternatively, you can right-click the Download credentials link, copy the link source, and then use a curl command to download the file:

curl -L "<secure-connect-database_name-download-URL>" >

Sharing your secure connect bundle

Although teammates can access your Astra DB database, it will not display in their list of available databases under My Databases in the Astra DB console.

After you create an Astra DB database, you can grant access to other members of your team by providing them with the database credentials and connection details for your database.

Be careful when sharing connection details. Providing this information to another user grants them access to your Astra DB database and ownership capabilities, such as making modifications to the database.

For security, delete downloaded connection credentials after sending them to your teammate.