Pricing and billing

Learn about the pricing model and billing structure for DataStax Astra serverless databases.

For details about Classic database pricing, see Classic Astra databases.


There are three primary factors that affect the pricing:

  • plan selection

  • units of measure

  • cloud provider and region

Plan Selection

There are a few plan options that allow you to choose your commitment level and savings. Each plan includes a $25.00 free credit per month. The $25 credit is good for approximately 30 million reads, 5 million writes, and 40GB of storage per month.

To get an accurate cost for your database based on your selected plan, cloud provider, and region, create your first database.
If you want to get started for free and without entering credit card details, select the pay as you go plan. This option allows you to cancel your plan anytime you want with no long-term commitment.
If you want to take advantage of annual savings, subscribe and save with an annual commitment. Your savings depends on the minimum spend you are willing to commit to for a discounted rate.

Savings Minimum monthly spend







If you need more options than the pay as you go or annual plan, contact DataStax Support.

Units of Measure

The following units of measure affect the pricing of your database:

  • Read and write requests (per 1M)

  • Data storage (GB/month)

  • Data transfer (GB/month)

Read and write requests, including API calls, are measured and charged monthly in increments of one million. Data storage and transfer are measured separately; each data type is charged monthly in increments of one GB.

Cloud Providers and Regions

You can select AWS, GCP, or Azure as your cloud provider. Each cloud provider offers Standard, Premium and Premium+ regions. The cloud provider and region you select affects the price of each unit of measure for your database.


DataStax Astra handles billing through an integration with Stripe, and displays all related billing information in the Billing & Payments section of your Organization.
In Billing & Payments, you will see your plan and payment method, along with when the plan was created. You can select Manage to change your plan.

If you cancel your annual plan, you can continue to use the pay as you go option.

You can also update your payment method in the Billing & Payments section. Your Billing & Payments will also display each database included in your server, allowing you to see what your total cost is per database.

Pay as you go plans

For pay as you go plans, your remaining credits will be displayed. These credits include the $25 credit that is renewed every month for every plan. Any usage amount that exceeds the $25 monthly credit shows up in the Estimated Bill, which is auto-drafted monthly based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), also known as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Annual plans

For the annual plan, you are committing to the minimum monthly spend for 12 months. Your remaining credits will display the balance of your $25 credit that is renewed every month for every plan, along with the committed monthly minimum that is billed in arrears at the end of the month. If you exceed your credit and committed monthly minimum, the overages will be charged at your discounted rate. This amount shows up in the Estimated Bill, which is auto-drafted monthly based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), also known as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).