Data streaming and event stream processing

With Streaming-as-a-Service (SaaS), supported open-source Pulsar streaming, sinks and connectors, and Starlight API integrations, you can create Pulsar instances, manage their clusters, scale across cloud regions, and manage Pulsar resources.

Learn about the amazing things you can do with all of our streaming products. We've included best practices for Apache Pulsar, a full connector reference, and examples for getting the most out of Astra's CDC feature. Learn now

Astra Streaming

Delivered as a fully-managed SaaS with boundless scale, massive throughput and low latency, Astra Streaming is the simplest way to modernize your event driven architecture and turbo charge your data in motion strategy.

Luna Streaming

A production-ready distribution of Apache Pulsar with 24/7 expert enterprise support.
Meet KAAP, the Kubernetes Autoscaler for Apache Pulsar. KAAP simplifies running Apache Pulsar on Kubernetes by applying the familiar operator pattern to Pulsar's components, and horizonally scaling resources up or down based on CPU and memory workloads. Learn more
Pulsar supports many popular streaming connectors, including:
Learn about the Starlight API suite for painlessly integrating existing messaging workloads.
Get support for DataStax streaming products.

Do more with DataStax Astra

DataStax Astra DB is a serverless, multi-cloud database service built on Apache Cassandra® that is optimized for real-time applications that require large data volume, low latency, and flexible data models. Astra DB
Change Data Capture (CDC) for Astra Streaming enables you to send data changes in real time throughout your entire ecosystem. With a wide range of connectors to data warehouses, messaging systems, data lakes as well as client libraries, you can send your data wherever it needs to go in real time. CDC for Astra DB
In addition to this Astra Streaming documentation, be sure to check out our new Awesome-Astra site. It includes developer-focused tutorials and learning materials to help you quickly build great applications. Awesome-Astra also provides a rich set of external tools to connect your apps to Astra Streaming data, and "Try It!" features within the product's API docs. Get a jump on your learning and start coding today!

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