Commands and options

Settings for cassandra-shuffle.

Warning: Using the shuffle utility on a running production system is not advised. It may take hours or even days to complete!

Bootstrapping a new data center is a much safer way to enable vnodes. Use the procedure described in Enabling virtual nodes on an existing production cluster instead.

shuffle [options] <sub-command>
create Initialize the shuffle operation.
ls Lists pending relocations.
clear Clears pending relocations.
en[able] Enables shuffling.
dis[able] Disables shuffling.
Flag Option Description
-dc --only-dc Apply only to named DC (create only).
-u --username JMX username.
-tp --thrift-port Thrift port number (Default: 9160).
-p --port JMX port number (Default: 7199).
-tf --thrift-framed Enable framed transport for Thrift (Default: false).
-en --and-enable Immediately enable shuffling (create only).
pw --password JMX password.
-H --help Print help information.
-h --host JMX hostname or IP address (Default: localhost).
-th --thrift-host Thrift hostname or IP address (Default: JMX host).