Apache Cassandra™ 1.2

The sstablescrub utility

An offline version of nodetool scrub. This tool attempts to remove the corrupted parts while preserving non-corrupted data.

Use this tool to fix (throw away) corrupted tables. Before using this tool, try rebuild the tables using nodetool scrub. Because corrupted rows are thrown away, run a repair after running this tool.


  • Packaged installs: sstablescrub [options] <keyspace> <table>
  • Tarball installs: <install_location>/bin/sstablescrub [options] <keyspace> <table>
Flag Option Description
--debug Display stack traces.
-h --help Display help.
-m --manifest-check Only check and repair the leveled manifest, without actually scrubbing the SSTables.
-v --verbose Verbose output.

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