Connect to your database

Connect to DataStax Astra DB the way you want. Use the Stargate Data APIs (schemaless JSON Documents, REST, or GraphQL) or JavaScript SDK from your application, language-specific drivers for server-side code, or the CQL console for direct interaction.

You must create a database or be granted access to a database by another user before establishing connections.

How can I connect to my database?

Options Description

I don’t want to create or manage a schema. Just let me get started.

Use schemaless JSON Documents with the Document API.

I want to start using my database now with APIs.

Use the REST API or GraphQL API to begin interacting with your database and self manage the schema.

I have an application and want to use the DataStax drivers.

Initialize one of the DataStax drivers to manage database connections for your application.

I know CQL and want to connect quickly to use my database.

Use the integrated CQL shell or the standalone CQLSH tool to interact with your database using CQL.