Connect to your database

Connect to Astra the way you want. Use the Stargate Data APIs (schemaless JSON Documents, REST, or GraphQL) or JavaScript SDK from your application, language-specific drivers for server-side code, or the CQL console for direct interaction.

You must create an Astra database or be granted access to a database by another user before establishing connections.

How can I connect to my database?

Options Description

I don’t want to create a schema. Just let me get started.

Use schemaless JSON Documents with the Document API.

I want to start using my database now with APIs.

Use the REST API or GraphQL API to begin interacting with your database.

I have an application and want to use the DataStax drivers.

Initialize one of the DataStax drivers to manage database connections for your application.

I know CQL and want to connect quickly to use my database.

Use the integrated CQL shell or the standalone CQLSH tool to interact with your database using CQL.