Connecting to Apache Cassandra and DSE clusters using DataStax drivers

All the DataStax drivers share common features for connecting to Cassandra and DSE clusters.

The DataStax drivers connect to DataStax Astra databases, in addition to traditional DataStax Enterprise (DSE) or Apache Cassandra database clusters.

The DataStax drivers support Apache Cassandra™ authentication and DSE Unified Authentication.

DataStax drivers support SSL-encrypted connections between the driver and server.

The DataStax drivers control the distribution of the incoming load across the DSE cluster.

The DataStax drivers maintain a pool of connections to each of the nodes selected by the load balancing policy.

Retry policies allow the DataStax drivers to automatically retry a request upon encountering specific types of server errors.

Reconnection policies allow the DataStax drivers to automatically reestablish a connection to a node that was previously marked as down.

Execution profiles allows a single session to run different types of query workloads, each with its own settings.

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