Execution profiles

Execution profiles allows a single session to run different types of query workloads, each with its own settings.

An execution profile encapsulates a group of settings that can then be associated with individual queries. This provides a convenient way to group queries based on the following settings:

  • Request timeout

  • Consistency level

  • Load balancing policy

  • Retry policy

  • Speculative execution policy

This is not an exhaustive list and can vary by driver implementation.

Execution policies for drivers





PHP [1]



Using execution profiles

Create, configure, and register an execution profile object by name using the cluster or session objects, depending on the driver. Associate the named execution profile object with a query by providing the name to the query execution method or setting it on a statement object.

The method of associating the profile name with the query execution can vary by driver implementation. See the language-specific documentation for additional details on using execution profiles.

1. Execution profiles are not supported by the PHP driver.

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