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If you are new to Starlight for RabbitMQ, these frequently asked questions are for you.


What is Starlight for RabbitMQ?

The Starlight for RabbitMQ is a an open-source product from DataStax.

Starlight for RabbitMQ combines the industry-standard AMQP 0.9.1 (RabbitMQ) API with the cloud-native and horizontally scalable Apache Pulsar™ streaming platform, providing a powerful way to modernize your RabbitMQ infrastructure, improve performance, and reduce costs.

Starlight for RabbitMQ is open source and is included in DataStax’s Luna Streaming Enterprise support for Pulsar.

What is required to run Starlight for RabbitMQ?

Starlight for RabbitMQ is a proxy for RabbitMQ that is powered by Pulsar. It requires a compatible Pulsar release to operate. The following Pulsar releases are supported:

  • Luna Streaming 2.8.0+

  • Apache Pulsar 2.9.0+

What are the Starlight for RabbitMQ limitations?

Starlight for RabbitMQ does not currently support the following features:

  • Topic and headers exchanges

  • Exclusive consumers

  • Non durable exchanges and queues

  • Transient messages (all messages are persisted)

  • Authorization support

Starlight for RabbitMQ was designed to make the most benefit from Pulsar’s scalability. Because of this, canceling an AMQP consumer re-queues the messages that were received through it because it also closes the associated Pulsar consumers.

Is Starlight for RabbitMQ an open-source project?

Yes, Starlight for RabbitMQ is open source using the Apache 2.0 license. You can find the source code on the GitHub repository datastax/starlight-for-rabbitmq.

Does Starlight for RabbitMQ support Kubernetes?

Yes. You can run the Starlight for RabbitMQ on Luna Streaming or Pulsar running on any Kubernetes platform, including Minikube, K8d, Kind, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service, Amazon Kubernetes Service (AKS), and other commonly used platforms.

You can deploy Starlight for RabbitMQ as proxy extension using the DataStax Helm chart for Luna Streaming and Apache Pulsar.

Where is the Starlight for RabbitMQ public GitHub repository?

You can access the Starlight for RabbitMQ repository here.

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