Filtering on terms

Filter rows returned by a CQL SELECT statement on terms using the Solr Standard Parser syntax.

The basic syntax to limit queries has the following syntax:

SELECT <column_list> FROM <table_name>
WHERE solr_query = '<standard_term_expression> ...';

The Solr Standard Parser is a case-sensitive term search that supports boolean expressions with wildcards.

CQL for DSE Search also supports more complex searches using JSON-formatted query strings.

This section uses the Wikipedia Demo included in DataStax Enterprise. Replace <standard_term_expression> with the solr_query value from corresponding tables below to return the results:

SELECT count(*) FROM solr
WHERE solr_query = '<q_search_expression>';

CQL Solr queries do not support native functions or column aliases as selectors. Only count(*) is supported with search index queries. Results use the Solr count process. Results might vary from the native CQL count function.

Filtering on words, phrases, or substrings

Find rows that contain words, phrases, or substrings in indexed fields. (Similar to LIKE in SQL.)

Advanced term and phrase searches

Fuzzy search syntax.

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