Alter a user-defined type (UDT)

Use the ALTER TYPE command to add fields to a user-defined type (UDT) or to rename an existing field in a UDT.

Restriction: Modifying UDTs used in primary keys or index columns are not supported. Changing the field type is not supported.

Add a user-defined data type (UDT)

Add a middlename field of type text to the user-defined type cycling.fullname.

ALTER TYPE cycling.fullname
ADD middlename text;

The ALTER TYPE command adds the field to the type.

Check that the UDT is created

Verify the changes, use the DESC TYPE command:

DESCRIBE TYPE cycling.fullname;

The middlename column appears in the type definition.

Rename an existing UDT field

To change the name of an existing field, use RENAME.

ALTER TYPE cycling.fullname
RENAME middlename TO middle
  AND lastname TO last
  AND firstname TO first;

Check the results

Verify the changes.

DESCRIBE TYPE cycling.fullname;

The renamed fields appear in the type definition.

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