DSE Advanced Replication keyspace overview 

Information about DSE Advanced Replication keyspaces and tables.

Keyspaces and tables are automatically created on the edge cluster and the hub cluster when DSE Advanced Replication runs for the first time. DSE Advanced Replication uses these keyspaces :
Keyspace Tables Default replication strategy Change required
dse_system advrep_conf


EverywhereStrategy No
dse_advrep advrep_replication_log SimpleStrategy with a dynamically calculated replication factor. Yes. To avoid data loss, set appropriately for cluster size.
Note: System keyspaces on the edge and the hub are not supported for replication.
The replication factor is dynamically calculated based on the number of nodes in the edge cluster when the keyspace is created. The replication factor is calculated as the minimum number between 3 and the number of nodes. For example:
  • 1 node cluster: replication_factor = 1
  • 2 node cluster: replication_factor = 2
  • 3 nodes_cluster: replication_factor = 3
  • 4 nodes_cluster: replication_factor = 3
Note: A replication factor of 1 is suitable only for development and testing of a single node, but not for a production environment.

Like all Cassandra keyspaces, set the replication factor to values that are appropriate for the size of the cluster to ensure that data will not be lost if nodes fail. Increasing the replication factor increases the total number of copies of keyspace data that is stored in the cluster.