Increasing read performance by adding replicas

Steps to increase DSE Search read performance by configuring replicas.

You can increase DSE Search read performance by configuring replicas just as you do in Cassandra. You define a strategy class, the names of your datacenters, and the number of replicas. For example, you can add replicas using the NetworkToplogyStrategy replica placement strategy. To configure this strategy, use CQL.


For example, if you are using a PropertyFileSnitch, perform these steps:
  1. Check the datacenter names of your nodes using the nodetool command.
    nodetool -h localhost ring
    The datacenter names, DC1 and DC2 in this example, must match the datacenter name configured for your snitch.
  2. Start CQL on the command line and create a keyspace that specifies the number of replicas you want.
    Set the number of replicas in datacenters, one replica in DC1 and three in DC2.