Using the DSE configuration volume

Docker images provided by DataStax include a startup script that swaps DataStax Enterprise (DSE) configuration files found in the /config volume directory with the configuration file in the default location on the container.

Storing configuration files locally

A container can store configuration files locally. The configuration files used must match a corresponding configuration file in the image. It must also include all required values.

For example, configuration files that can be stored locally for DSE are cassandra.yaml or dse.yaml. A configuration file for OpsCenter can be named opscenterd.conf. See the GitHub pages for a full list of configuration files.

  • DSE

  • OpsCenter

  • Studio

    1. Create a directory on your local host to store the configuration files.

    2. Add the configuration files to replace in the container.

    3. Mount the local directory to the exposed /config directory during startup.

      For example, if the file is located at /dse/conf, then the command will be:

      docker run -v /dse/conf:/config
    4. The configuration files can be defined as part of a docker run command to start a container:

      docker run -e DS_LICENSE=accept \
      --name my-dse \
      -v /dse/config:/config \

      Setting the DS_LICENSE environment variable signals your acceptance of the DataStax terms of service and is required for the software to start.

    5. If you make changes or add config files to the /config volume, restart the container to propagate the changes to the database.

      docker restart container_name

      Restarting the container restarts DSE.

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