Attaching to a container

Use the docker exec -it container_name command to attach to a container and run DataStax Enterprise (DSE) tools and other operations.

Opening an interactive BASH shell

If the container is running in the background (using the -d option), use the following command to open an interactive BASH shell:

docker exec -it container_name BASH

To exit the shell without stopping the container, type exit.

Opening an interactive CQL shell (cqlsh)

Use the following command to open the cqlsh prompt.

docker exec -it container_name cqlsh

To exit the shell without stopping the container, use Ctrl + P + Q.

Viewing logs

View DSE logs using the docker log command.

docker logs my-dse

Using DSE tools

Use the docker exec command to run other tools. For example:

docker exec -it my-dse nodetool status

See the DSE documentation for further information.

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