Phase 7: Clean up after upgrade or rollback

You may only begin this phase if:

  • The Cassandra software and data on all nodes has been successfully upgraded to the new version Cassandra, or

  • The cluster has been successfully rolled back to the previous version after an abandoned upgrade.

This phase contains steps to remove the rollback configurations and data you created at the beginning of the upgrade process prior to upgrading the cluster to the new version of Cassandra. It also contains the steps to restore the support services you disabled before the upgrade.

Step 1: Remove configuration backups

Remove the configuration backups you created in Back up Cassandra configuration files.

rm ~/cassandra-config-backup.tgz

Step 2: Remove snapshots

Remove the snapshots you created in Create a pre-upgrade snapshot backup. For example:

  • Command

  • Result

nodetool clearsnapshot -t pre-upgrade
Requested clearing snapshot(s) for [all keyspaces] with snapshot name [pre-upgrade]

Step 3: Re-enable automated repairs

Re-enable any automated repair schedules you disabled in Disable automated node repairs.

Step 4: Re-enable automated backups

Re-enable any automated backup schedules you disabled in Disable automated backups.

End of phase

At the end of this phase:

  • All backup files generated in preparation for the upgrade have been deleted.

  • All scheduled repair and backup operations have been restored.

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