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What is DataStax Luna?

Luna gives you access to Cassandra expertise at DataStax as you run your own open-source deployments, but with the peace of mind that comes from having direct access to experts. See the Luna blog to learn more.

How do I subscribe to DataStax Luna?

You can learn more about subscribing to Luna on the Luna product page.

Where can I download DataStax Luna?

Luna does not come with a separate distribution of Cassandra. Subscribers continue to use the open source distribution, which can be downloaded from the Apache Cassandra downloads page. For installation instructions, see Installing Cassandra.

A Luna subscription only provides support for clusters that run unmodified Apache Cassandra.

Which versions of Cassandra are supported?

Luna provides support for multiple versions of Apache Cassandra and K8ssandra. For an up-to-date list of supported versions, please refer to the Luna product page.

Is there documentation for DataStax Luna?

Luna is a support subscription for the open source distribution of Apache Cassandra. Documentation for Apache Cassandra can be found on the Apache website.

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