Heartbeat on VM/Server

This document describes how to install Pulsar Heartbeat on a virtual machine (VM) or server. For installation with the Docker image, see Helm Chart Installation.

Install Heartbeat Binary

  1. Use the Linux commands uname -m and uname -o to determine your process architecture.

    For example, uname -m in Ubuntu might return x86_64, and uname -o returns GNU/Linux.

  2. Download the heartbeat binary .gz file matching your OS and process architecture from the releases page.

  3. Uncompress the file to be an executable binary. The filename structure is pulsar-heartbeat-<version>-<os>-<arch>.

Here is an example using Gunzip:

$ gunzip ~/Downloads/pulsar-heartbeat-1.0.12-linux-amd64
$ ls ~/Downloads/pulsar-heartbeat-1.0.12-linux-amd64

Execute Heartbeat binary

The Pulsar Heartbeat configuration is defined by a .yaml file. A yaml template for Heartbeat is available at https://github.com/datastax/pulsar-heartbeat/blob/master/config/runtime-template.yml. In this file, the environmental variable PULSAR_OPS_MONITOR_CFG tells the application where to source the file.

Run the binary file pulsar-heartbeat-<version>-<os>-<arch>.

Here is an example of how to set up and run the application:

$ export PULSAR_OPS_MONITOR_CFG=/Users/username/go/src/github.com/datastax/pulsar-heartbeat/config/runtime.yml

$ ./pulsar-heartbeat-1.0.12-linux-amd64
2022/01/11 15:16:57  info config file /Users/username/go/src/github.com/datastax/pulsar-heartbeat/config/runtime.yml


Learn more about monitoring your cluster with Heartbeat here.

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