Creating a demo keyspace for tutorials

Step-by-step instructions to create a keyspace for tutorials found in this section.


  1. Get a list of datacenter names (DC) in the cluster.

    dsetool status

    The header line contains the datacenter name (DC: <datacenter_name>) and the type of workload.

    DC: Cassandra       Workload: Cassandra       Graph: no
    DC: Solr            Workload: Search          Graph: no
  2. Start a cqlsh session:

    To connect cqlsh to a remote node use the host switch with the hostname or IP address.
  3. Create a demo keyspace with a replication factor of 1 in each datacenter.

    In multi-datacenter environments use NetworkTopologyStrategy and set the replication factor for each datacenter to at least one.

        'class': 'NetworkTopologyStrategy',
        'Cassandra': '1',
        'Solr': '1'};

    Datacenter names are case-sensitive.

Exit cqlsh and ensure that the name exactly matches the DC name from the nodetool status output.

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