Starting up the BYOH datacenter

Start the seed nodes first, and then start the rest of the nodes.

After you install and configure DataStax Enterprise on all nodes, start the seed nodes first, and then start the rest of the nodes, as described in Multiple datacenter deployment.

Installer-Services and Package installations:

  1. Check the /etc/default/dse file to ensure that DSE Hadoop and DSE Search are disabled:
    • HADOOP_ENABLED=0 - Disables the DSE Hadoop integrated Job Tracker and Task Tracker services.
    • SOLR_ENABLED=0 - Disables the capability to run DSE Search workloads.
    DataStax does not support using the SOLR_ENABLED and HADOOP_ENABLED options in BYOH deployments.
  2. Start each BYOH node using the following command.
    $ sudo service dse start
  3. Check that the BYOH cluster is up and running.
    $ dsetool status

Installer-No Services and Tarball installations:

Start DataStax Enterprise in Cassandra mode, not Analytics mode.

  1. From the installation directory, start up each BYOH node in Cassandra mode.
    $ bin/dse cassandra

    Do not use the -t option to start a BYOH node.

  2. Check that the BYOH cluster up and running.
    $ cd install_location
    $ bin/dsetool status