Search using the Solr Admin

Steps to using Solr Admin to search the database.

To search the database using the Solr Admin, you have several choices:If you are new to DSE Search or Solr, using the query form has some advantages. The form contains text entry boxes for constructing a query and can provide query debugging information.


After generating resources, get started searching the nhanes database by following these steps:

  1. In the Solr Admin, click Query.
    A query form appears.

    Notice that the form has a number of query defaults set up, including the select URL in Request-Handler (qt) and *:* in the main query parameter entry box--q.

  2. Select xml from the wt drop down.
    Output will appear in XML format.
  3. Scroll down the form and click Execute Query.
    The defaults select all the fields in all the documents, starting with row 0 and ending at row 10. The output looks something like this: