Tutorial: Basics

Setting up for the DSE Search tutorial includes creating a Cassandra node, importing data, and creating resources.

Setting up DSE Search for this tutorial involves the same basic tasks as setting up a typical application:
After finishing the setup tasks, you perform these tasks:

In this tutorial, you use some sample data from a health-related census.

Start DSE Search and download files

This setup assumes you started DataStax Enterprise as a DSE Search node and downloaded the sample data and tutorial files. The tutorial files include a CQL table definition, which uses a compound primary key. The partitioning key is the id column and the clustering key is the age column.


  1. Download the sample data and tutorial files.
  2. Unzip the files you downloaded in the DataStax Enterprise installation home directory.
    A solr_tutorial46 directory is created that contains the following files.
    • copy_nhanes.cql

      The COPY command you use to import data

    • create_nhanes.cql

      The Cassandra CQL table definition

    • nhanes52.csv

      The CSV (comma separated value) data

    • schema.xml and solrconfig.xml

      The Solr schema and configuration file for the advanced tutorial

  3. Take a look at these files using your favorite editor.